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vetus toilet WCPS12

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vetus electrisch toilet type wcps

The VETUS toilet type WCP is the smallest electric toilet on the market. The electronic components are mounted outside the toilet, keeping the toilet foot as compact as possible. Owing to its small dimensions and low weight, it is the ideal replacement for older manually operated pump toilets.

  • Comfortable seat
  • Easy to clean porcelain bowl.
  • Very quiet macerator/discharge pump - 60 dB (A).
  • Stainless steel macerator blade.
  • Large capacity discharge pump.
  • Very low water consumption.
  • Supplied with rocker switch.
  • Easy to install and simple maintenance.
  • Combined pump / macerator unit with a diameter of 96 mm.
  • The pump motor power is 300 Watts and has a capacity of 36 l/min at 3 metres head.
  • Dual-flush system. The ECO button on the control panel will flush 1.2 litres of water. The NORMAL button will flush 2.2 litres. By pressing and holding the evacuation button, the toilets can be discharged without flushing. This is particularly useful to prevent overflowing on a heeled sailing boat.
  • Maximum holding tank 3 metres above the toilet discharge connection. The maximum length of ø 19 mm discharge hose can be up to 30 metres.
  • The internal diameter of the outlet pipe is only 19 mm. This means that the toilet can be located in any convenient position aboard and can be connected simply to the waste water tank, using VETUS sanitation hose type SAHOSE.
  • The discharge pumps are easily accessible for occasional cleaning if required.
  • All toilets are provided with a water lock and non-return valve in the discharge line.


vetus toilet WCPS12 vetus toilet WCPS12