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Silencer type MV with check valve, 90mm MV90

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* For use with water-injected exhaust systems.
     * All parts are made of plastic (no corrosion).
     * Very large exhaust noise attenuation.
       Causes minimal pressure.
     * Low-weight, handy format.
     * Stainless steel mounting brackets are included for the damper.

The muffler and exhaust the transit of the mirror should only be applied when the mirror at least 5cm throughput can be mounted lower than the output of the engine exhaust manifold. The cooling water injected into the exhaust of the engine will always run down. Because both the damper as a mirror transit have a check valve, may open water - for example by waves or slow down - NEVER flocking to the engine.

Application of a gooseneck with this system is therefore unnecessary.


Silencer type MV with check valve, 90mm MV90 Silencer type MV with check valve 90mm MV90